Enjoy the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro. The city is a real box of surprises in this sense, being able to offer elegant restaurants, sophisticated bars and even the most informal ones have they're own charm and identity. The Brazilian people are known for their receptivity and joy, making the possibility of having an unforgettable night very real. Nightclubs, private parties or street parties, the famous caipirinha and a lot of eccentric and fun activities. We will provide the necessary transport, information and assistance, fro what's left we leave it to the guaranteed wonderful energy of the city.

Dance at the birth place of Samba!

Pedra do Sal is the outdoor event, a historical monument that brings together Rio’s best samba musicians for an impromptu samba jam. It is a different and joyfull, alternative day or nightlife event, although the samba begins at 19 PM. The place has a different historical energy, where samba was born and it makes you instantly happy with all the music and dancing people. Pedra do Sal is a historic and religious site in Rio de Janeiro, the place was originally a quilombo village. An association group still lives there, formally known as theIt takes place every Monday and Friday with animated music, lively dancing and an endless flow of potent caipirinhas, or the classic cold beer everyone needs just to cool down and enjoy the environment. 

Garota de Ipanema Bar

Go to the place that inspired one of the most famous Brazillian songs in the world! It's a wonderful feeling to sit and eat at the bar immortalized by Vinicius and Tom, two of the most prestigious creators of Bossa Nova. The bar has all kinds of portuguese and brazillian delicacies such as the "cod of Manel", they also offer our famous chopp (draft beer), actual cold beer and our famous caipirinhas, along with barbecue and other kinds of typical food in Brazil. It's a very nice atmosphere of a bar that has been open for more than 50 years, the waiters are super attentive and the satisfaction is guaranteed.   

Ginga Tropical - A Carnival Experience

Get ready for the most bright and colorfull show you have ever seen. The Ginga Tropical offers a show makes a rhythmic tour through Tupiniquin lands, passing through the Parintins Festival, Lambada, Carimbó, Xaxado, Forró, Frevo, Maculelê, Capoeira, Orixás Dance, Boleadeiras (RS), Bossa Nova, Samba de Gafieira, the world famous Carnival and much more from the purest Brazillian Culture Experience. The creator of Ginga Tropical, who deeply loves Brazil's folklore and national culture, traveled around the world to establish her market research, so she could make this dream come true, which is to offer people everywhere the true experience of samba and other musical genres little known around the world but that has a unique and priceless value for the Brazilian people. With all the swagger, pride and live music, Ginga Tropical will offer everything you need to have an unforgettable night.

The Canastra Bar: an exclusive experience

We have three Canastra Bar options to offer in Rio: one at Ipanema, one at Botafogo and one at Barra da Tijuca. The Canastra bar is special because it offers all sorts of wine, drinks, caipirinhas, brazillian cheese and other types of snacks in an elegant, different way. At tuesdays, they offer an Oyster special night, where you can eat the most fresh delicacies straight from Santa Catarina. At the Ipanema bar, you can enjoy a street experience where everyone just go to an underground part where you can dance and have fun with friends and locals. We really recommend this nightlife activity, it is a sure deal. 

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