Take a journey along the route leading to the historic city of Petropolis, established under the reign of Emperor Dom Pedro II and known as the "Imperial City." Embrace the refreshing mountain climate and delve into its array of cultural attractions, historic edifices, and lush vegetation. We will pick you up and you will take a one-hour drive from Rio de Janeiro to Petrópolis in an air-conditioned vehicle. Enjoy the picturesque mountain vistas and panoramic scenes of Serra dos Órgãos National Park. En route, catch a glimpse of the "Palácio Quitandinha," once a prominent casino-hotel dating back to the 1940s, and acquaint yourself with São Pedro de Alcântara’s Cathedral, a monument characterized by neo-gothic architecture and the final resting place of Dom Pedro II, one of Brazil's emperors. Immerse yourself in the history of Brazil and the imperial lineage at the Imperial Museum, housing a diverse collection of artifacts, including Dom Pedro II's crown. Take in the elegance of the Crystal Palace, a venue renowned for its grand soirées and gatherings. Navigate through the city's thoroughfares to explore Santos Dumont’s House (optional visit – tickets not included), a museum commemorating the achievements of the famed Brazilian inventor and aviation pioneer. Subsequently, indulge in leisure time tailored to your preferences: opt for a stroll along Rua Teresa, renowned for its expansive shopping district, or embark on a tour of Bohemia Brewery to sample traditional Brazilian brews. The tour allows for a lunch break (meals not included – restaurants will be suggested), providing an opportunity to savor local cuisine at recommended establishments.


Immerse yourself in a day of themed exploration of Brazilian soccer, featuring a visit to the iconic Maracanã Stadium and two captivating attractions in Flamengo: the Flamengo Museum and the Gávea Tour. Begin your journey at the legendary Maracanã stadium, delving into the inner workings of Brazil's most significant soccer arena. Explore a collection of historical artifacts, capturing pivotal moments, matches, and the legacies of prominent players. Tour the dressing rooms, warm-up area, press room, and the field, with opportunities for memorable photos beside the sideline, on the players' bench, or in the lively fan zone. Continue your adventure at the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo near Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Embark on the Gávea Tour, offering insights into the key areas of Rio's most emblematic football team. Traverse the basketball/volleyball gym, soccer stadium, gymnastics zone, and the water park. If luck is on your side, you might even encounter a former soccer player or Olympic athlete during the tour! Explore the rich history and achievements of "Mengão" at the Flamengo Museum. Journey through time with an extensive collection of images, audios, shirts, and a visit to the team's dressing room from the 1981 Intercontinental Cup. Capture memories with photos alongside the trophies from recent triumphs, including Brasileirão 2019, Conmebol Libertadores 2019, Supercopa do Brasil 2020, and Conmebol Recopa 2020. End your day by visiting the official Flamengo store to take a photo on the balcony with an expansive flag and the iconic Christ the Redeemer in the backdrop. This immersive day in Rio de Janeiro is a perfect treat for all football enthusiasts and passionate fans.


Embark on a unique journey showcasing the captivating contrast between nature and the cityscape of Rio de Janeiro from a sea perspective. Begin with a panoramic 360º view of Guanabara Bay, encompassing the stunning beaches of the South Zone: Flamengo, Botafogo, and Urca. Cruise past the historic forts of Fortaleza de São João and Forte da Laje towards your first stop at Praia Vermelha. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery, take a refreshing dip at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, and capture memorable photos of the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car with Christ the Redeemer in the backdrop. Next, venture to Copacabana, renowned as one of the world's most famous beaches, where you'll witness the picturesque merging of Copacabana and Leme. Anchor in the tranquil waters near Copacabana Fort (Posto 6) after passing through Arpoador. Your journey continues to the Cagarras Archipelago, a protected natural area, where you can unwind with a refreshing beverage amidst the serene surroundings, far from the city's hustle and bustle. On the return journey, explore the Niterói region, passing by the enchanting beaches of Adão and Eva and the iconic MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer. As you near Santos Dumont Airport, marvel at the aircraft landings and take-offs up close. Finally, conclude your voyage as you return to Urca pier. This tour package includes insurance coverage and offers the option of round-trip transportation from your hotel for added convenience.