Immerse yourself in a day of themed exploration of Brazilian soccer, featuring a visit to the iconic Maracanã Stadium and two captivating attractions in Flamengo: the Flamengo Museum and the Gávea Tour. Begin your journey at the legendary Maracanã stadium, delving into the inner workings of Brazil's most significant soccer arena. Explore a collection of historical artifacts, capturing pivotal moments, matches, and the legacies of prominent players. Tour the dressing rooms, warm-up area, press room, and the field, with opportunities for memorable photos beside the sideline, on the players' bench, or in the lively fan zone. Continue your adventure at the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo near Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Embark on the Gávea Tour, offering insights into the key areas of Rio's most emblematic football team. Traverse the basketball/volleyball gym, soccer stadium, gymnastics zone, and the water park. If luck is on your side, you might even encounter a former soccer player or Olympic athlete during the tour! Explore the rich history and achievements of "Mengão" at the Flamengo Museum. Journey through time with an extensive collection of images, audios, shirts, and a visit to the team's dressing room from the 1981 Intercontinental Cup. Capture memories with photos alongside the trophies from recent triumphs, including Brasileirão 2019, Conmebol Libertadores 2019, Supercopa do Brasil 2020, and Conmebol Recopa 2020. End your day by visiting the official Flamengo store to take a photo on the balcony with an expansive flag and the iconic Christ the Redeemer in the backdrop. This immersive day in Rio de Janeiro is a perfect treat for all football enthusiasts and passionate fans.
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Explore the fascinating world of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity in Rio de Janeiro with a visit to the main hubs of education, research, and conservation: BioParque do Rio and AquaRio - Rio Marine Aquarium. Embark on your journey to Quinta da Boa Vista, situated in the historic São Cristóvão neighborhood, once the residence of the Royal Family in the 19th century. Dive into the modern and revamped Rio Zoo, BioParque do Rio, where animals now thrive in thoughtfully designed environments rather than conventional cages. BioParque boasts over 1,000 animals representing 140 different species, organized into various sectors such as Imersão Tropical (Tropical Immersion), Vila dos Répteis (Reptile Village), Horto (Vegetable Garden), Reis da Selva (Kings of the Jungle), Asiáticos (Asians), Sumatra, Savana Africana (African Savanna), Carnívoros (Carnivores), Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna), Ilha dos Primatas (Primate Island), Polinizadores (Pollinators), and Jardim Burle Marx (Burle Marx Garden). The Fazendinha (Little Farm) offers an additional activity (separate ticket, available within the park) where supervised interactions with farm animals, including touching, petting, and feeding, are possible. Continue your exploration at AquaRio, South America's largest marine aquarium. Witness over 5,000 animals representing 350 different species from around the globe housed in 28 saltwater tanks. Experience close encounters and even interactions with a diverse array of fish, invertebrates, rays, sharks, and corals. Capture a memorable photo inside the main tank tunnel as marine life passes overhead—an enchanting nature show suitable for all ages! Located in the revitalized Porto Maravilha area, AquaRio is part of the city's port region that has undergone a complete transformation, housing the newest tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro. After the visit, choose to explore the area independently or return to your hotel with us.
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Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival with our behind-the-scenes experience. Visit the City of Samba, an exclusive complex where the city's most renowned samba schools craft the elaborate floats and costumes that bring the Carnival to life.  Step into the Samba Factory of Grande Rio, gaining access to the secrets unveiled only during the Carnival parade. Witness the intricate production of floats and costumes, gaining insight into their creation's creative concepts and craftsmanship. Go to the exhibition room and learn the rich history of the Rio Carnival and its iconic Samba with videos and images. Choose a costume and feel the rhythm as you learn the basic steps of Samba from an expert, and cap off your experience by savoring the "Samba flavor" with Brazil's signature cocktail, the caipirinha. Your journey through the world of Carnival will be complete, leaving you with a true taste of the vibrant culture and festivities that define Rio de Janeiro. The immense effort of thousands of professionals, including musicians, choreographers, dancers, artisans, samba masters, and producers, make the Rio de Janeiro Carnival a monumental event attracting enthusiasts from across Brazil and around the globe. The Carnaval Experience, presented by Pimpolhos of Grande Rio, is a celebration and a socially-driven tour program. Operated by a youth samba school and NGO, it aims to promote social interaction and education through the rich cultural lens of Carnival, contributing to the sustainability of future festivities.
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