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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Boulevard and Porto Maravilha, a vibrant area that has undergone a remarkable transformation. Your first stop is the Tomorrow Museum, or "Museu do amanhã" in Brazilian Portuguese, an architectural marvel and a hub for applied science. As you approach, marvel at the futuristic design that reflects the innovative exhibits within.

Inside, immerse yourself in a journey through sustainability and coexistence. Explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for humanity in the coming decades. The Museum of Tomorrow provides a unique and interactive experience that encourages visitors to contemplate the future of our planet and the human race. Don't forget to capture some stunning photos in front of the unusual and captivating architecture that makes this museum one of Brazil's most visited.

Next, head to the iconic Kobra Mural, one of the largest graffiti murals globally, created by the talented Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. This masterpiece showcases five ethnic groups against a vibrant backdrop of geometric shapes. Take some time to appreciate the intricate details and cultural diversity portrayed in this colossal work of art. It's a perfect spot for unique and colorful photos.

Finally, conclude your tour at AquaRio, the largest marine aquarium in South America. Step into a world of underwater wonders as you explore 28 saltwater tanks housing over 5,000 animals from 350 different species. From fish and invertebrates to rays, sharks, and corals, AquaRio offers a mesmerizing display of marine life. Don't miss the chance to walk through the main tank tunnel, where you'll be surrounded by marine creatures swimming overhead—a truly immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Capture the memories, enjoy the entertainment, and marvel at the diverse attractions that Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Boulevard and Porto Maravilha have to offer. This tour is a perfect blend of science, art, and the wonders of the ocean, making it a memorable journey for people of all ages who are excited to explore this dynamic city.

From USD 99

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Our tours operate from Wednesday to Sunday, with departures in the morning and returns in the afternoon. Round-trip transportation is offered from hotels located in the South Zone, specifically in Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. Guests staying in hostels or B&Bs will be provided with information about the nearest meeting point. Please provide the name of your hotel and confirm your pick-up time. This tour will not be rescheduled in case of bad weather. This is a guided tour with live commentary in English, Spanish and Portuguese (other languages upon request).  


The tour starts at 09:00 AM and typically concludes around 01:00 PM. We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable experience! 

  • Olympic Boulevard 
  • Museum of Tomorrow 
  • Kobra Mural 
  • Aquario
  • Multilingual Guided Tour
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance Fees included 


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  2. Olympic Boulevard
  3. Museum of tomorrow
  4. Kobra Mural
  5. AquaRio