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The tour to the Tijucas Islands offers a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a blend of nature, sports, and unforgettable experiences in Rio de Janeiro.

Comprising Alvafaca, Pontuda, and Ilha do Meio, the Tijucas archipelago is a cluster of small rock formations with lush vegetation situated near Barra da Tijuca's coast. Featuring a lighthouse, these islands provide a scenic backdrop for a 4km round trip filled with diverse wildlife sightings, including birds, fish, coral, turtles, dolphins, and sometimes even whales depending on the season.

Embarking from the Joatinga channel, the tour sets sail on a speedboat through the breakwater directly towards the islands. Once there, participants can explore the surroundings using floats and stand-up paddleboards. Climbing the rocks offers a unique perspective of the city, showcasing Barra beach, the southern zone beaches, Tijuca Forest, and the imposing massif of Pedra da Gávea.

Throughout the journey, a dedicated support speedboat ensures safety, comfort, and convenience. For those desiring a leisurely return, the option to use the support boat instead of paddling back is available.

From USD 179

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Scheduled departures for this tour occur on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The tour begins at 10 am and lasts 2 hours.The designated meeting point is at Rua Maria Luiza Pitanga, 73, in Barra da Tijuca, specifically Barrinha.

This is a guided tour that provides live commentary in English, Portuguese and Spanish (other languages upon request). Boat fees are included. A dedicated support boat will accompany you, offering all the assistance you may need.
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  • Speedboat 
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  • Multilingual Guided Tour
  • Boat fees included 


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