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Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival with our behind-the-scenes experience. Visit the City of Samba, an exclusive complex where the city's most renowned samba schools craft the elaborate floats and costumes that bring the Carnival to life. 

Step into the Samba Factory of Grande Rio, gaining access to the secrets unveiled only during the Carnival parade. Witness the intricate production of floats and costumes, gaining insight into their creation's creative concepts and craftsmanship. Go to the exhibition room and learn the rich history of the Rio Carnival and its iconic Samba with videos and images.

Choose a costume and feel the rhythm as you learn the basic steps of Samba from an expert, and cap off your experience by savoring the "Samba flavor" with Brazil's signature cocktail, the caipirinha. Your journey through the world of Carnival will be complete, leaving you with a true taste of the vibrant culture and festivities that define Rio de Janeiro.

The immense effort of thousands of professionals, including musicians, choreographers, dancers, artisans, samba masters, and producers, make the Rio de Janeiro Carnival a monumental event attracting enthusiasts from across Brazil and around the globe. The Carnaval Experience, presented by Pimpolhos of Grande Rio, is a celebration and a socially-driven tour program. Operated by a youth samba school and NGO, it aims to promote social interaction and education through the rich cultural lens of Carnival, contributing to the sustainability of future festivities.

From USD 119

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Our tours operate from Monday to Saturday, offering hotel pickups in the South Zone including Copacabana, Leme, Ipanema, and Leblon, as well as in the West Zone, specifically Barra da Tijuca. Please note that direct pickups are not available at hostels and B&Bs. Guests staying in these accommodations will receive details about pickup times and the nearest hotel serving as an alternative pickup point.

This is a guided tour with live commentary in English, Spanish and Portuguese (other languages upon request). It starts at 9:45AM/ 03:45 PM and ends at 11:45AM/ 05:45PM lasting around 2 hours. 
  • Visit Rio's "City of Samba"
  • Grande Rio Samba Factory
  • Carnival Museum 
  • Rio's Samba and Carnival history 
  • Costume and photos included 
  • Basics of Samba class 
  • Authentic Brazilian caipirinha 


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  2. City of Samba