Tropical Paradise and Museum Jeep Ride

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Discover a breathtaking world of hidden treasures in the west of Rio. With a rare museum nestled in the heart of the Atlantic forest, a family-run rum distillery, and a pristine 3km (1.86 miles) stretch of virgin beach, this tropical paradise is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Embark on a day trip with us, riding with the top down, breathing in the fresh air, and letting your worries melt away. Starting from the south side of Rio, we'll make our way to the Barra neighborhood and then drive along the vast open beach until we reach the base of the hills.

Our first stop is the Museu do Pontal, an awe-inspiring museum that showcases over 8,500 handcrafted clay miniatures depicting daily life across Brazil. The museum's unique location in the middle of the jungle adds to its charm, making it an unforgettable experience.

Next, we'll visit Maxi Cana, a family-owned distillery that produces some of the best cachaça in Brazil. We'll get a chance to taste their unique blends, including ginger and cinnamon cachaça, and learn about their chemical-free distillation process. All this while surrounded by the lush greenery of a tropical farm.

Hold on tight as we make our way up a steep road with stunning views of the Restinga of Marambaia, a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of swamp lands with a 42km (26.1 miles) sand strait. As we descend, our jaws will drop at the sight of the breathtaking coastline of Grumari beach, framed by a tropical mountain range and pristine turquoise waters. This hidden gem is possibly one of Rio's best-kept secrets.

At the tail end of the beach, we'll stop at a small wooden kiosk with tables overlooking the beach. Here, we'll settle in for some time to enjoy the sun and surf while our homemade Brazilian-style lunch is prepared.

With our bellies full and our skin sun-kissed, our journey back to the city hugs the coastline, offering even more stunning views. This complete day away from the crowds is a visual and taste adventure that you'll surely never forget.

From USD 129

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To make a reservation and check availability, simply click on the "Book Now" button and enter your preferred date and time. Our booking system is designed to offer you a quick and efficient service. Once we have received your reservation, we will contact you with all the necessary details for your tour. One fun fact about the Restinga of Marambaia is that it is home to a unique species of monkey called the golden lion tamarin. These small, golden-haired primates are only found in the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil and are considered an endangered species. 

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