Five Hour Private Rio by Night City transport

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From USD 59

Enjoy private transportation during Rio's special night life! Our licensed and insured professional drivers will pick you up and take you to the attractions of your choice! We provide transportation and you explore all the wonders the city has to offer.

The beach areas Ipanema & Copacabana are both touristic neighborhoods, which offer nice options to go out. By both of these beaches you’ll find little restaurants & bars. Botafogo is another cool neighborhood for the ones that are seeking for local spots to have a beer or two. Botafogo’s main street, Voluntários de Patria is packed of bars and gourmet restaurants.

No questioning, Rio’s most famous nightlife hub is Lapa. It’s a neighborhood in central Rio, which hosts a huge street party every weekend. When visiting Rio, allow us to provide you with our professional concierge service. With more than 30 years experience providing tours and transportation, we will ensure you have a Rio experience with memories to last a lifetime.

From USD 59

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Private transportation between cities, the safest and most agile way to move around and see all the attractions you imagined on your vacation. To check availability and make a reservation please click on "Book Now" and enter your preferred date and time. Our system is set up to provide you with quick and efficient bookings. Once we have received your reservation we will contact you very soon with all of your transportation details. Fun fact: Did you know that on Carnival Friday, Rio’s mayor handles a “golden key” to Carnival King, or King Momo. This is the official kick-off of carnival, and the city is “governed” by the mysterious King Momo until Ash Wednesday. For cariocas, King Momo symbolizes party and liberty! Enjoy this private transportation option and get to know Rio by night!
  • Private transport
  • Professional driver
  • Licensed and insured
  • Air conditioning
  • Door-to-door service
  • Approximately 5 hours


  1. Copacabana
  2. Ipanema
  3. Leblon
  4. Jardim Botânico
  5. Botafogo
  6. Leme