Rio GIG to Recreio Private Transport

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From USD 29

Enjoy private transportation in comfort and safety from Rio Galeão, Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the Recreio, Rio de Janeiro. Our licensed and insured professional drivers will meet you at the airport and deliver you to your hotel or vacation rental efficiently. Being next to wonderful beaches like Macumba, Secreto, Prainha and Grumari is one of the great advantages of going to Barra Bonita. The region is one of the most valued and quiet of Recreio and has several options for commerce, services, leisure, bars and restaurants loved by cariocas and tourists, besides being easily accessed by the avenue of the Americas. When visiting Rio, allow us to provide you with our professional concierge service. With more than 30 years experience providing tours and transportation, we will ensure you have a Rio experience with memories to last a lifetime.


From USD 29

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To check availability and make a reservation please click on "Book Now" and enter your preferred date and time. Our system is set up to provide you with quick and efficient bookings. Fun fact: Did you know that until 1920, its 3 million acres were one huge deserted sandbox? That's when Joseph Wesley Finch bought a plot of land from the Mobile Credit Bank and developed it. Many people from São Paulo bought land by the sea and built summer houses. Because of this, the region became known as Recreio dos Bandeirantes. Once we have received your reservation we will contact you very soon with all of your transportation details. Enjoy your transportation from Rio Galeão to Rio de Janeiro Recreio, Brazil!


  • Private transport
  • Professional driver
  • Licensed and insured
  • Air conditioning
  • Door-to-door service
  • Approximately one hour


  1. Galeão
  2. Recreio dos Bandeirantes