The Rio Carnival Experience

From USD 119

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Cidade do Samba, a carnival factory in Rio de Janeiro, and step inside the shed of Samba School Acadêmicos do Grande Rio to witness the preparations for the next parade up close! This is an extraordinary and authentic experience suitable for all ages. As part of the tour, you will learn how the floats, props, and costumes are made, and dive into the rich history of carnival and samba - a cultural manifestation that represents our African heritage and is a national treasure.

Immerse yourself in the world of carnival by trying on authentic costumes from various past carnivals and capture the moment with a photo. To finish off with a flourish, a professional dancer from our school will perform a samba class right before your eyes. After this moment full of interactivity and excitement, we will share a delicious Caipirinha - our national drink - as a way to celebrate this fantastic experience. This tour promises to be an unforgettable adventure that will give you a glimpse of the magic behind one of the most spectacular shows on earth!

From USD 119

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  • Carnival Parade Factory visit
  • Caipirinha tasting
  • Costume wearing selfies available
  • History of Carnival Exhibit
  • Samba Dance Class Included


  1. Gamboa
  2. Beija Flor Barracão