Theatro Municipal and Santa Teresa Expedition

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The Theatro Municipal and Santa Teresa Expedition in Rio de Janeiro is a tour that offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the city's most iconic landmarks and cultural attractions. This historic tour takes visitors on a journey through time, highlighting the rich history and vibrant cultural heritage of Rio de Janeiro.

The Theatro Municipal is one of the most beautiful buildings in Rio de Janeiro and is considered one of the most important cultural institutions in Brazil. Built in the early 1900s, the theater is an architectural masterpiece that boasts a stunning interior and is home to a variety of world-class performances throughout the year. Visitors to the theater can enjoy a guided tour of the building, which includes a behind-the-scenes look at the stage, dressing rooms, and other areas typically off-limits to the public.

After exploring the Theatro Municipal, visitors can embark on the Santa Teresa Expedition, which takes them to the charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa. This hilltop neighborhood is known for its beautiful colonial architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and stunning views of the city below.

The expedition includes a visit to the Parque das Ruinas, a former mansion that has been transformed into an open-air cultural center, as well as a stop at the famous Escadaria Selarón, a colorful staircase that has become an iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Rio de Janeiro, from its colonial past to its modern-day artistic and cultural scene.

From USD 149

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  • Hotel pick-up and drop off included.
  • Santa Teresa Tram Car ride
  • Parque das Ruínas
  • Selaron Steps
  • Cinelândia
  • Confeitaria Colombo stop optional (Closed Sundays)
  • Approximately 6 hour
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  1. Centro
  2. Rua Lélio Gama, s/n - Centro, Rio de Janeiro
  3. Rua Manuel Carneiro - Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro
  4. Rua Murtinho Nobre, 169 - Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro