"Best of Rio" + Copacabana Tour

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Prepare yourself for an exciting day filled with adventure and breathtaking vistas! Imagine yourself touring Rio de Janeiro's south zone while being carefully directed by guides who will assure your comfort as you visit all the city's most stunning locations.

Indeed, no journey to Rio would be complete without seeing the famed Christ the Redeemer statue, which serves as a universal representation of the "Marvelous City". And everyone visiting Rio should be sure to stop by Sugar Loaf Mountain. With Rio's renowned cable cars, you can enjoy the city's most beautiful vistas as they take you first to Urca Mountain (224 m/735 ft), and then to Sugar Loaf Mountain (395 m/1,295 ft), where you'll feel like you're on top of the world.

Not only does The Sugar Loaf offer the most breathtaking views, but it also has a fine restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner while feeling as though you are flying through Rio de Janeiro's blue sky. Of course, you can also stop by the gift shop to pick up some mementos of this unforgettable day tour.

As if it's not enough, you will end the day at Copacabana where our guides will take you to points of interest where you can learn about the background and get a more personal perspective on popular tourist attractions.

From USD 129

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Did you know that Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil for almost 200 years? But that's not all - it was also the capital of an entire European country! Can you guess which one? In 1808, the Portuguese Royal Family fled to Rio de Janeiro to escape Napoleon's revolution, and subsequently established the Portuguese court in the city. This fascinating historical fact is just one of the many reasons why Rio de Janeiro is such a unique and fascinating destination to visit.

  • Christ Statue included
  • Corcovado Train included
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain Included
  • Includes entrance fees
  • Stop for lunch optional
  • Approximately 6 hours


  1. Corcovado
  2. Pão de Açucar